Dune 2 Movie World: Top Impressive Future Gadgets
The 'Dune' franchise has always showcased some of the most imaginative future gadgets in science fiction. With the anticipation building around 'Dune 2', fans are eager to see what new technological marvels will be introduced. From advanced personal shields to ornithopters that defy our current understanding of aerodynamics, Dune is a treasure of futuristic innovations.

Personal Shields

One of the most iconic pieces from Dune is the personal shield. These devices create a protective energy field around the wearer, capable of deflecting fast-moving projectiles while allowing slower objects to pass through. This concept not only revolutionizes personal defense but also alters the nature of combat within the story. The depiction of these shields underscores the advanced state of technology in Dune. 


Ornithopters, or 'thopters', represent a blend of nature-inspired design and futuristic technology. These aircraft mimic the flapping motion of bird wings. In the Dune universe, thopters are used for a variety of purposes, from reconnaissance to rapid troop deployment. Their design allows for incredible agility, offering a stunning way to traverse the deserts of Arrakis. The ornithopters' integration of biological principles with advanced engineering makes them a captivating example of future gadgetry.

Still Suits

In the harsh environment of Arrakis, the still suit is a survival technology. Designed to recycle the body's moisture, these suits enable them to survive in the desert by reclaiming water from breath and sweat. The suit's intricate detail highlights the blend of necessity and innovation that drives the technology in Dune. It's a brilliant solution to an extreme problem.


Heighliners are gigantic spacecraft, capable of folding space, allowing for instantaneous travel. Operated by the Spacing Guild, they have the ability to bridge worlds without traversing the space between them, which is a mind-bending concept. The size and capability of heighliners underscore the state of civilization and the central role of interstellar travel in the Dune saga.


While not really a gadget, the Voice represents a mastery of psychological manipulation and vocal control. This technique allows the user to issue commands that compel obedience. The Voice is a combination of technology and human evolution, showing a mastery over one's own body and mind. It's a reminder of the potential within human evolution, as well as a look into future societies that could harness such abilities for communication, control, and diplomacy.


Crysknives, the sacred weapons of the Fremen, are made from the teeth of sandworms and hold cultural and religious significance on Arrakis. Beyond their symbolic value, these knives are sharp and durable. Crysknives highlight the connection between the people of Arrakis and their environment. They prove that sometimes, the most effective tools are those that work in harmony with nature rather than against it.

Sandworms (or should we call it the Dune Uber?)

The sandworms of Arrakis are integral to the planet's ecosystem and the production of melange, the most valuable substance in the Dune universe. These massive creatures are awe-inspiring in their size and also in how they contribute to the cycle of life and death on the planet. The relationship between the sandworms and the production of spice gives a look into the theme of the Dune series: the interdependence of technology, ecology, and society. 


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